Keepin’It Real

Keepin’It Real offers an informal daily lunch and dinner menu. Fresh fish on the grill, served on the beach with a cold kubuli or local juice. Menu varies daily. Large selection of local rums. Reservations 225-7657.

This is the perfect spot to relax and watch the sunset!

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Derrick Keep'in It Real Toucari Dominica Restaurant

Derrick making Shatou Water (Octopus Stew)

kubuli keepin'it real beach bar restaurant toucari dominica

A cold Kubuli on the beach at Keepin’It Real.

buy fish toucari dominica keepin'it real

Catch of the day, local fisherman in Toucari

sunset beach bar toucari keepin'it real dominica

Having a rum punch at sunset on the beach at Keepin’It Real

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