Toucari has a dark sand beach with coral-covered rocks jutting from the calm aquamarine caribbean water. You’ll find amazing healthy coral formations, sponges, and colorful fish just a short distance from the beach, which makes Toucari an ideal snorkeling location for beginners.

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Toucari Beach is fairly secluded and less popular than Champagne Beach in the south of Dominica, but it has the same incredible volcanic underwater bubbles. If you’re seeking excellent snorkeling but prefer a quiet beach experience, try Toucari. Golden crinoids, batfish, electric rays, angelfish, caribbean reef squid, sea snakes, sea urchins, and sea turtles are among the long list undersea inhabitants you are likely to encounter in Toucari Bay.


Toward the far end of the bay, near the church and the cemetery, you’ll see a seawall. This is a great place to snorkel. To find the undewater volcanic bubbles, go to the stairway at the mid-point of the seawall and then go out about 20 meters directly into the bay.

Very close to the cliffs on the north end of Toucari, in the shallow water, there is a very old wreck of a wooden ship that can be explored. It is said to be a  World War I German vessel.  The hull is no longer there, but you can swim around the ship’s ribs that rest on the bottom and you’ll see plenty of colorful fish.

Cressi snorkel gear kits (mask, fins, tuba) are available for hire at Keepin’It Real, located on the beach in Toucari.  Reservations: Derrick Augustine +1 (767)225 76 57 Facebook